In India all the states have achieved tremendous growth in the Health service and Health education for the last 60 years. During these years Government has given importance to all systems of Medicines like Modern medicine, Ayurveda, Homeo, Sidha etc empowered the country to achieve the target of Health for all.

Some important Health policies like the formation of Indian Medical council, Nursing council, Pharmacy council, Dental council etc enhanced the growth rate and led the Health goal to the international standard. We have to run further to reach the score level for which a combined team work is solicited.

Government has realized that both medical and paramedical professionals are essential to achieve health strategy. Their role is like that of two sides of a coin. Among the paramedical professionls, the Nursing service and Pharmacy service have already been brought under the control of respective council. The laboratory technology is the most important discipline manned by lakhs of personnel qualified from either Government institutions or from private institutions. These qualified personnel seek employment both in India and Abroad. The advanced technique and rapid development in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology, its essential service, necessity for the proper line of diagnosis and treatment got immense importance to Laboratory Technology. But Paramedical education has not yet been developed to the required level in some states in India ,draws attention to this matter.

In Kerala, due to the importance of Medical Laboratory Technology and increased demand led the Government to start certificate course in Medical Laboratory Technology and then subsequently started courses like Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT), Bachelor Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology (BSc (MLT)) and MSc in Medical Laboratory Technology MSc (MLT) in this branch of Science and Technology.

The increased demand in the country and Abroad encouraged the private managements to start more and more Institutions for Medical Laboratory Technology course of their own but not maintained the minimium standard required for the course. The consequences and challenges compelled the different organizations and Health workers to demand for the control over the service and the education of Medical Laboratory Technology by the formation of a council. The Government understood the consequences and decided to give top priority for the formation of a council for Medical Laboratory Technology

Again, the Government considered the sanction to start Paramedical courses in the private / self financing Institutions. The control over the functions of other Paramedical courses and services like Radiology technology, ophthalmic technology, Neuro Technology, Cardiovascular Technology, Operation Theatre Technology, Dialysis technology, Health inspector course etc also became essential. Though the number of workers in these categories are comparatively less they gives great service in the health care system.

As a strategic approach and in order to reduce the number of separate council and expenditure, Government has decided to form a common council for the control of all the Paramedical services and educational Institutions in the state. Hence a draft bill for Kerala Para Medical Council has been approved and submitted before the Legislative Assembly for the Act.

In addition, Government has formed an executive council to discharge the duties and responsibilities of the council till the formation of the above statutory council which is now functioning as “Kerala Para Medical Council”.